Foto von Regina Senarclens de Grancy

I am a law graduate with 20 years of management experience. Since 2008, I have been working as a freelance consultant with a focus on social innovation. I can offer services and support in the areas of project development, organizational structures and development, coaching of managers and change processes. Topics where I have special experience and which I care about a lot are development of social services in rural regions, starting up modern social services and phasing out of large central institutions.

My clients are for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, political office holders and departments of the public administration. For several years before 2008 I was the manager of the Chance B group of companies, a service enterprise with 250 employees. In this period, the business was able to expand strongly and adapt its structures to be fit for the future.

Besides running the company itself, I was very concerned to make sure it was embedded in a network of thematic and regional partners. We took part in many European projects; I represented the local NGOs in the regional employment pact; we were part of the network of social enterprises in Styria and I chaired the Austrian Network of Health-Promoting Schools. Nowadays I benefit from interdisciplinary contacts in the Institute for Economic, Ecological and Social Thinking as well as from the Ingenos group.

Before working for Chance B, I was a section manager of the consulting company BAB-Unternehmensberatungs GmbH, and provided advice and support to many companies around Styria on issues around qualification and equal opportunities.

At the beginning of my career, after my year as a court intern, I was deputy manager of the Office for Peace and Development, an initiative of the City of Graz.

I have taken advanced training on the subjects of process moderation, systemic organizational development and local government development. I am a qualified mediator and EFQM auditor.